In October 2016, around 50 artists donated a piece of their work to create a sumptuous instant private collection for their colleague/tutor/dear friend, the inspirational  Vivien Atkinson.

The gift was presented to Viv on 10 November at the opening of AHI KĀ –  Keep the fires burning at Pataka Art and Museum, Wellington, NZ.

L to R: Kaye Jujnovich (Dean of Faculty of Arts), Viv Atkinson, Sarah Read (image: Spring Rees)
Foreground, L to R: Viv Atkinson, Sarah Read, Neke Moa. Behind, L to R: Maia McDonald, Simon Pannett, Nadine Smith, Matthew McIntyre-Wilson (image: Spring Rees)

Sincere thanks to all my partners-in-crime; the accommodating Pataka staff, the organisers from Whitirea Visual Arts, Spring Rees at Quoil gallery for being a drop-off point, Matthew McIntyre-Wilson for a vital push at the right time, Caroline Thomas (jewel mule), Kelly McDonald for photography waaaay beyond the call of duty, and of course all the contributing artists (check out their beautiful work), whose generosity made this project possible.

L to R: Kelly McDonald, Jhana Millers, Caroline Thomas, Vivien Atkinson, Peter Deckers, Hilda Gascard, Neke Moa, Sandra Schmid, Amelia Pascoe, Keri-Mei Zagrobelna, Vanessa Arther, Nadine Smith, Sarah Read, Becky Bliss, Jennifer Laracy (Image: Spring Rees)

Sarah Read, November 2016
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