Cleo Thorpe-Ngata

cleo comp.jpg

Untitled 2016
Felted wool, LED light, conductive thread, battery and holder

Image: Kelly McDonald

Dear Viv, what an inspiring lady you are. You were there for me when I was studying and supported my gentle foray into jewellery design….this piece was made for you in what I think of as your colours… a small juxtaposition of the old and new… something I am beginning to play with. All the best xx

Notes for using/wearing: This necklace is intentionally open, showing all the workings. There are two domes which clip together as a switch to turn on the light. When pulling them apart I would suggest doing it very carefully as the conductive thread (and the felt) are not super strong (well, the thread is, but it may not hold its stitches very well)

cleo comp.jpg

Image: Cleo Thorpe-Ngata


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